Is Steep Cross-Platform in 2023? [PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5]

As we journey into the ever-evolving landscape of gaming in 2023, the conversation around cross-platform play continues to gain momentum. With the rise of gaming platforms and technological advancements, players are increasingly seeking the ability to connect, compete, and cooperate with friends across different systems. This brings us to the central question of this blog post: Is Steep, the thrilling snowboarding and skiing game from Ubisoft, cross-platform in 2023?

In the world of extreme sports games, few titles capture the exhilarating rush of adrenaline quite like Steep. Launched by Ubisoft, Steep takes players on an immersive journey across vast snowy landscapes, offering a variety of winter sports to engage in. It’s a game that thrives on the shared experiences of players, making the question of cross-platform play all the more pertinent.

We’ll delve into the current state of Steep in 2023, explore its multiplayer capabilities, and uncover whether the dream of cross-platform play is a reality for this game. Whether you’re a veteran player seeking to team up with friends on other platforms or a newcomer curious about the game’s multiplayer offerings, this article promises to provide the insights you’re looking for. So, strap in and prepare for a deep dive into the world of Steep.

Is Steep Cross-Platform In 2023?

Sadly, in 2023, Steep is not a cross-platform game.

This means that players on different platforms, such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, cannot play together. The only exception to this is cross-gen play, which allows players on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S to play together, as well as players on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to play together.

There is no official word from Ubisoft on why Steep does not support cross-platform play. However, it is possible that the decision was made due to technical limitations or concerns about balancing the game across different platforms.

While the lack of cross-platform play is a disappointment for some players, it does not prevent them from enjoying the game. Steep is a great single-player experience, and the multiplayer mode is still fun even if you cannot play with your friends on other platforms.

Nevertheless, we must emphasize how much a game benefits from cross-platform capability. It has several benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue: Having more players on more platforms brings in more money for the business.
  • Increased player base: Having a larger player base is usually advantageous, especially when attempting to spread awareness of your game. Additionally, this will reduce multiplayer game wait times, which could be problematic in some situations if the player base isn’t large enough.
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates: It’s impossible to please everyone, but cross-platform compatibility helps a lot. It gives gamers the freedom of choice and options they desire, enabling them to engage in unrestricted competition with their peers across various gaming platforms.
  • More opponents: The better it is for your game, the more participants you have. This implies that the level of competition will be higher, which may ultimately help your title get more traction.
  • Greater game development: Every gamer anticipates better gameplay and more innovation as a result of increased competition. In the end, everyone benefits the players, the business, and even players who are merely spectators.

An Overview Of Steep Game

Steep is an open-world sports game developed by Ubisoft Annecy and published by Ubisoft. It was released on December 2, 2016, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game is set in the fictional Alps and allows players to participate in a variety of winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and wingsuit flying. Players can explore the open world freely, or participate in a variety of challenges and events.

Steep received positive reviews from critics, with praise for its open world, graphics, and gameplay. It was also a commercial success, selling over 2 million copies in its first week of release.

Here are some of the key features of Steep:

  • Open-world environment: Players can explore the fictional Alps freely, and participate in a variety of activities.
  • Variety of sports: Players can participate in a variety of winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and wingsuit flying.
  • Challenges and events: Players can participate in a variety of challenges and events, such as races, tricks, and freeride.
  • Online multiplayer: Players can compete against each other in online multiplayer.

If you are a fan of winter sports, then you need to check out Steep. It is a game that will allow you to experience the thrill of winter sports in a beautiful open world.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Steep:


  • Beautiful open world
  • Variety of sports
  • Fun challenges and events
  • Online multiplayer


  • Some bugs and glitches
  • Can be repetitive at times
  • Not as challenging as some other winter sports games

Overall, Steep is a great game that is sure to please fans of winter sports. It is a beautiful game with a variety of sports to choose from, and it is a lot of fun to explore the open world and participate in challenges and events. However, the game can be repetitive at times, and it is not as challenging as some other winter sports games.

What is Steep?

Let’s keep our definition section brief and absolutely clear. The Steep was created in the period from December 2, 2016, to December 2, 2016, by Ubisoft Annecy. This video game is thrilling, and more people would adore playing it. Additionally, this video game will be similar to the player who must begin their game on the snowy slope. After then, the player must get to their destination. There will be a lot of obstacles to overcome between the beginning and the conclusion, including enormous rocks. To overcome them all and achieve the goal, the player of the video game must use additional effort.

The player of this video game has access to a variety of gifts, including wingsuits, travel bags, skateboards, and endless freebies. These rewards will help you win the game. More people are signing up to play this video game, which has excellent communication features that allow players to hear accurate information from their opponents and converse with them rapidly. Because only team play makes for greater fun, the user can play this video game with their friends and family as well.

Is Steep Cross-Platform PC And PS4/PS5?

As of 2023, Steep is not a cross-platform game for PS4 or PS5. This implies that players of Steep on the PC and PS4 cannot play together.

Owning the same gaming platform is the only requirement if you want to play this game with your friends.

Is Steep Cross-Platform PS4 And PS5?

Steep is not a cross-platform game for the PS4 or PS5. So you and your friend won’t be able to play together even after using the same brand of console. In other words, you cannot play Steep simultaneously on a PS4 and a PS5.

Is Steep Cross-Platform Xbox One And PS4?

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are not cross-platform compatible with Steep. The absence of this feature will make it impossible for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers to play Steep together.

Is Steep Cross-Platform Nintendo Switch And PC?

No, Steep does not support cross-play between Nintendo Switch and PC. This implies that Switch and PC owners are unable to play Steep together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PS4 cross-platform with Xbox?

No, PS4 is not cross-platform with Xbox. This means that players on PS4 cannot play with players on Xbox.

Is Xbox cross-platform with PC?

Yes, Xbox is cross-platform with PC. This means that players on Xbox can play with players on PC.

Does Steep have online multiplayer?

Yes, Steep has online multiplayer. This means that players can compete against each other in online matches.

Can you play steep with a friend’s PC?

Yes, you can play Steep with friends on PC. To do this, you will need to add your friends to your friends list on Ubisoft Connect. Once you have added your friends, you can invite them to join your game.

How do I enable crossplay on PS4?

To enable crossplay on PS4, you will need to update your system software to the latest version. Once you have updated your system software, you will need to go to the Settings menu and select “Network”. Under “Network”, select “Cross-play” and then select “Enable”.

Can you do crossplay on Xbox One?

Yes, you can do crossplay on Xbox One. To do this, you will need to update your system software to the latest version. Once you have updated your system software, you will need to go to the Settings menu and select “Account“. Under “Account”, select “Privacy & online safety” and then select “Xbox Live Privacy“. Under “Xbox Live Privacy”, select “View details & customize” and then select “Communication & multiplayer“. Under “Communication & multiplayer”, select “Allow cross-network play” and then select “Yes“.

Final Words

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