Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform? 2023 (PS5, PC, XBOX, Switch)

Immerse yourself in the unforgiving world of Conan Exiles, a compelling survival game that spans both single-player and multiplayer modes. Crafted by the innovative minds at Funcom, Conan Exiles graced the gaming world on platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018, and later expanded its reach to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in 2021.

In this era of seamless connectivity, one question often emerges among the players—will Conan Exiles offer cross-platform support in 2023? If this question has piqued your curiosity, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we delve deep into this topic, so stay with us as we unfold the mysteries of cross-play in Conan Exiles.

For many, Conan the Barbarian is a nostalgic figure, a remnant of childhood fantasies. While his popularity may have waxed and waned over the years, his legacy endures in the expansive world of Conan Exiles—a world that continues to captivate and challenge players globally.

The advent of cross-platform play has revolutionized the gaming landscape, allowing players from disparate platforms to interact and engage within a shared digital space. Imagine an Xbox One user joining a server run by a PC player—a testament to the power of cross-play. This is the potential that we explore in the context of Conan Exiles in this blog post. Join us on this exciting journey!

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Play?

Conan Exiles, however, does not in any way support cross-platform multiplayer. You cannot play the game with your friends on a console if you are playing it on a PC. Additionally, you cannot play the game with someone using an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4 on the same console.

That means PC players cannot play the game with their friends on a PlayStation or Xbox console. However, the game does support cross-generation play from PS4 to PS5, as well as Xbox One to Xbox Series.

In addition, Conan Exiles does support cross-play between Steam and Epic Games Store players on PC. This means that you can play with friends who have the game on either platform, regardless of where you purchased it.

There is no official word on whether or not Conan Exiles will ever be fully cross-platform, but it is a possibility. The game’s developer, Funcom, has said that they are “always looking at ways to improve the game,” and cross-play is something that they are considering.

However, there are a number of factors that could prevent Conan Exiles from becoming cross-platform, such as technical limitations and licensing issues. It is possible that the game will never be cross-platform, but it is also possible that it will be added in the future.

An Overview of Conan Exiles Game

Conan Exiles is an open world survival game set in the Hyborian Age of Conan the Barbarian. Players start out as a shipwrecked convict who must survive in a harsh and unforgiving world. They must build shelter, find food and water, and defend themselves from the dangers of the wild. As they progress, they can craft better weapons and armor, tame animals, and build more elaborate structures.

Conan Exiles can be played solo or with up to 40 other players. Players can choose to play on PvP servers, where they can fight other players for resources and territory, or on PvE servers, where they can cooperate with other players to build and explore.

The game features a rich and detailed world to explore, with a variety of biomes to discover. Players can find everything from lush forests to arid deserts to snow-capped mountains. The world is also home to a variety of creatures, both friendly and hostile.

Conan Exiles is a challenging game, but it is also rewarding. Players who are willing to put in the time and effort can build a powerful character and create a lasting legacy in the world of Conan.

Game Developer and Publisher Conan Exiles was developed and published by Funcom.

Release Date The game was initially released in early access in 2017, with a full release on May 8, 2018.

Platforms Conan Exiles is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Gameplay Conan Exiles is a survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. The player character begins their journey as a criminal who is crucified in the desert, only to be saved by Conan himself. The player is then thrown into the harsh world and must survive by finding food and water, battling enemies, and building shelters and even entire cities.

The game features a detailed character creation tool and a “building” system where players can construct their own buildings. Players can also capture NPCs, known as “Thralls”, who can be used to perform various tasks or defend player settlements.

Combat in Conan Exiles is action-based, featuring a variety of weapons and abilities. There are also magical artifacts and gods that can be invoked to assist in combat or construction. The game world is large and detailed, featuring a variety of biomes and creatures.

Game Modes Conan Exiles can be played in several modes. These include a single-player mode, a cooperative mode where players can work together, and a competitive multiplayer mode where players can attack each other’s settlements. There are also private servers where the game rules can be customized to the server owner’s liking.

Reception Conan Exiles received mixed reviews from critics but has maintained a strong player base. Critics praised the game’s survival aspects, building system, and the brutal world of Conan, but criticized its technical issues and the pacing of progression.

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform between PC & PS4?

Cross-platform play is not supported between the PC and the PS4, hence it is not offered in any way. Fans of Conan Exiles are eagerly anticipating the release of this feature. Because most fans play on a different platform than their pals do, they have been requesting highlights so you can see what is interacting with what else. If you’ve ever visited the FUNCOM discussion page, you should be aware of how desperately these people require this evaluation.

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform PC And PS4/PS5?

Conan Exiles is not a cross-platform game for PS4 or PS5. Conan Exiles must be purchased separately for PC and PS4 if you wish to play with friends. The possibility of Conan Exiles being a cross-platform game in the future has not yet been confirmed by Funcom.

It would make sense for Funcom to introduce cross-platform functionality given that PC and PS4 are currently the two most popular gaming platforms. We’ll just have to wait and watch whether or not this occurs. Watch the Conan Exiles website or forums for updates as they become available for further information.

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform PC And Xbox One?

Conan Exiles is not a cross-platform game for Xbox One and PC. You can only play with other PC gamers if you’re an Xbox One or PC player, and vice versa. There is currently no information on when the game will allow cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and PC gamers.

Some players who hoped to play with their buddies on many platforms may find this news disheartening. Although it’s probable that these features won’t be implemented right away, the game is highly well-liked. Players can join guilds and alliances in the interim to meet other players who share their interests and play styles.

Is Conan Exiles Cross-Platform Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S?

Conan Exiles can be played on both the Xbox One and Xbox series X/S. You will therefore have to decide whether to play with your pals on their platform of choice or to take advantage of the game’s greater resolution and framerate. since each console has a distinct version of it.

For Xbox One and Series X/S gamers who were hoping to play with their buddies on other platforms, this news is fantastic. We’ll just have to play the game by ourselves until then or find buddies who own the same next-generation system as you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Conan Exiles cross-platform Xbox and PC?

No, Conan Exiles is not cross-platform between PC and consoles. That means PC players cannot play the game with their friends on a PlayStation or Xbox console. However, the game does support cross-generation play from PS4 to PS5, as well as Xbox One to Xbox Series.

Is Ark crossplay PS4 and Xbox?

Yes, Ark is cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox. This means that PS4 players can play with their friends on Xbox, and vice versa.

Can you play Conan Exiles with friends on Xbox?

Yes, you can play Conan Exiles with friends on Xbox. You can either join their game or they can join yours.

Is Conan Exiles cross-split screen?

No, Conan Exiles is not cross split screen. This means that you cannot play the game with a friend on the same console

Can you play between Xbox and PC?

Yes, you can play between Xbox and PC. You can either join their game or they can join yours.

Can Xbox and PC play any game together?

No, not all games are cross-platform. However, there are a growing number of games that are, and this number is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Here are some Conan Exiles Alternatives

  • SCUM
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Monster Hunter World
  • The Division 2
  • ARK: Survival Evolved

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As it stands in 2023, Conan Exiles does not currently support cross-platform play. The answer is clear and unambiguous—players on different platforms cannot join each other in the game’s survival challenges. Despite the current limitations, there is cause for optimism.

The developers of Conan Exiles have expressed their intentions to incorporate cross-play functionality in the future, although the exact timeline remains unannounced.

In the meantime, players should continue to immerse themselves in the compelling world of Conan Exiles, enjoying the shared experiences with friends on the same platform. The horizon of cross-platform play may not be far off, promising an even richer multiplayer experience in this brutal and engaging game.

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